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Why Use an NCCA Member?

Why Use an NCCA Member?

In recent years rogue traders have become more and more of a concern for anyone looking to employ a tradesman or company. Increased public awareness, government involvement and media coverage have gone some way to educate the public on the dangers of using unqualified and dishonest service providers, but the problem is far from solved.

It was over forty years ago that several like-minded carpet cleaners got together with concerns about the standards of some cleaning companies and a general desire to improve their industry and its public perception. In 1968 these innovators formed the Carpet Cleaners Association (later to become the National Carpet Cleaners Association). Since then the NCCA has set the standards for this industry, with our members providing the highest levels of service, workmanship and ethics.

Being backed by the only recognised UK body for the flooring and soft furnishing cleaning industry means you can be assured that a professionally trained technician with full insurance cover will be recommended to you from our list of member companies based all over the country. NCCA members operate to a Code of Practice, which covers specifics such as fair pricing, service and consumer protection and the NCCA promotes best practice in all its activities. Technical assistance is available to all members as required, along with a 24 hour legal helpline. A complaint procedure also ensures that, in the unlikely event of a disagreement, professional and unbiased advice is available.

If you are considering employing a company to undertake cleaning or restoration of carpets, upholstery, hard flooring, leather, curtains, rugs or any related services, you cannot underestimate the value of using an NCCA member. Always look for the logo:


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Full Members are entitled to promote themselves using the trademark registered NCCA name and logo, confirming to the public that they are trained, insured and backed by the Association. However, the NCCA trademarks are recognised and revered in the industry which unfortunately leads to some unscrupulous operators and companies making illegal use of these commodities without having fulfilled the main objectives of the Association or taken the time and expense to become officially registered members. In order to avoid any company that may be misrepresenting themselves in their advertising we do recommend that, if you are at all unsure of their credentials, you check the NCCA website or contact the office to confirm the company are current full members.

The NCCA takes exception to any company or operator that makes illegal use of our trademarks and do all we can to ensure that companies advertising as members are entitled to do so. We have the backing of the Trading Standards office and report every company we discover misusing our name or logo. If you do come across anyone that is falsely claiming membership, illegally using our logo or promoting themselves with the NCCA name without the proper authority, please get in touch with the office and we will be very happy to look into the matter.

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