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  • Choose a company and select their name to find their entry on the map. Then select 'Full Details' for further information and contact options.
  • Red markers indicate Members with advanced entries (extra details and a direct link to the company website).
  • Use the 'Services Search' to find members offering specific services or cleaning methods (such as carpet protection, hard floor cleaning, dry cleaning and many more).
  • TrustMarkThe list of Overseas Members includes Ireland, Jersey/Guernsey, Mallorca and Singapore.
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  • Seeing '(TrustMark)' or the Trustmark Logo indicates that the member is also registered and approved by Trustmark.

NCCA members are recommended by the only dedicated trade association for the UK carpet cleaning industry. Requirements of membership are achieving the necessary standard in an NCCA or equivalent training course examination and providing proof of appropriate insurance cover.

All members follow a Code of Practice.

In addition to general Carpet & Upholstery cleaning, members may offer several other services including carpet protection and repairs, curtain and other soft furnishing cleaning, hard floor cleaning, fire, flood and other disaster restoration.

When contacting companies through the 'Find an NCCA Member' service it is recommended that you provide as much contact information and as many details as possible. This will enable our members to understand your situation and get back to you quickly and efficiently.

PLEASE NOTE: All cleaning situations are different and it may not be possible for a member to provide a quote, advice or answer questions without having sight of the items requiring cleaning.

NCCA MEMBERS: If you would like to include further company information and a link to your own website in your NCCA directory entry please contact the NCCA office and request an 'Advanced Entry' order form.

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