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Hard Floor Cleaning

The NCCA is just as keen to care for your hard floors as your carpets. An increasing number of our members have added hard floor cleaning to their list of services.

Some specialise in restoring and maintaining resilient surfaces including vinyl, linoleum and rubber. Others also can advise and assist if you have natural or engineered wood flooring or even cork that requires attention. If you have Victorian, Quarry or Terracotta tiles including Saltillo, there are NCCA technicians available to deep clean and protect these surfaces too.

What about Marble, Granite, Limestone or Travertine? No problem, there are trained and qualified NCCA technicians willing and able to remove scratches or restore a high polish.

The NCCA as an association of professional members, has come to understand that an ever increasing number of wonderful hard surfaces have been specified by designers and architects for their customers homes and business premises. Although most NCCA members were primarily carpet cleaners, they recognised the problem some of their customers were having with hard floor surfaces and have been consistently investing in equipment and training to serve their clients more fully.

For too long there has been a shortage of specialised hard floor care technicians. Over the last five years, this has changed as some 250 member companies have added hard floors to their list. There will be a member in your area who will pleased to advise and help whether your floor needs to be deep cleaned, stripped, polished or protected. Give one a call today.

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